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Rocks or no Rocks?

This reminds me of shucking corn...

6 August
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I adopted a cute lil' Broken fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Hey, I am Sage. A ninja. Or some thing.

What kind of disease are you?


Maria is caused by sponges.

Maria disease causes a constant lack of clothing.
The only cure for Maria is to paint everything you own a bright hot pink. This includes family members, small children, and pets.

I enjoy Martial Arts so much that it is my passion, all I think about. I also play the piano and the violin but Martial arts is the best! Right now I have my red black belt in the Tae Kwon Do ( Chung Do Kwan system), but very soon that will change. I also like the Beatlees a lot. And John Lennon especially

I stole both of these little dudes from: http://project.nyanko.web1000.com/nyanko.html
Go adopt something, foos.